GRE Private Tutoring

Available both in-person and online, Manhattan Prep GRE Private Tutoring is a flexible option that gives you personalized, 1-on-1 instruction with one of our world-class GRE instructors. It’s a great way to supplement your existing studies or make it your all-in way to prep for test day.


    Students looking for 1-on-1 study tailored to their skill level.


    In-Person or Online

Tutoring + Class Packages Available. Call 800.576.4628 for details.

How to Get Matched with a GRE Tutor

  1. Fill out the private tutoring form as completely as you can! The more detailed you are, the easier it will be to match you!

  2. Once we receive your form, our Student Services team will work on getting you matched with an instructor. The matching process usually takes 1-3 business days. Once we have you matched, an instructor will typically reach out within 48 hours.

    If you haven’t heard an update from our team or from an instructor directly after 3 business days, please give us a call at 1-800-576-4628 to let us know!

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